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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have not posted in awhile.  I am still debating what I want to do with my blog.  I am hesitant to post anything of a personal nature, and my faith and other such thoughts might go on another blog.  In the mean time this is what I have been doing to occupy time.  Coloring.  These two pictures are from the Color Me 2 book by PJC Smart.  The horse is done with Crayola pencils, since then I have learned more about layering, shading, and blending.  Still working more on shade and using light, but layering has been fun.  The Chipmunk is done with Koor-I-Noor tricolor pencils, and the rest of that picture is using Marco Reffine oil pencils.  The background is done by pebbles chalk with some chalk blender.  As far as I know the chalk blender is no longer available on the market.  I got it from my Aunt's supply of stuff after she died and I never used it until now.

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