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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Horse Haven, a facebook game review.

I admit I'm a sucker for facebook games. I have played lots and I'm slowly weaning myself from several that I have played. I feel I need to post about a game that I started in closed beta called Horse Haven. It sadly replaced a game I loved called Horse Saga where you had a stable of horses that you could care for, breed, and complete a variety of tasks. I loved the game. I was getting into the genetics of horses when the company, Ubisoft, announced a new horse game to those of us playing Horse Saga many of us jumped at the chance to play this new game.

Unfortunately, for me, it appeared that it would be nothing like Horse Saga. I was okay with that because I still had Horse Saga, and the developers had said that new horses would be coming out and new stuff for those of us that were at level 100. Horse Saga was a game that you could take at your own pace, and I never, ever had to spam my friends walls for help, and most was to show of my new foals, or studs for breeding.

Then they announced that Horse Saga would be merging with Horse Haven and we as a group were devastated. Horse Haven was not Horse Saga. It was a game like many other farming games with breeding thrown in. The best way to make money was not competitions but having compost bins that were "poop" boxes. The cost for buildings and quest items were outrageous and the rewards for finishing quests minimal. Competition payouts were pathetic. Most of all the horses are cartoon characters. The Horse Saga horse were elegant. Even the worst of the artistry were better than the horses in Horse Haven. Later we discovered the move to Horse Haven was not merge at all. We were loosing our stables, our Horses, our levels, and for many people real money they had paid to play just before the closure was announced.

Horse Haven is time consuming, the weed growth is out of control, energy is used to clear land, compost bins, and farming. Unless you can play all the time you can't get anywhere to play with horses. When I quit playing, I would get up in the morning and it would take nearly 75 energy points just to get to the point I could play with a horse. When a full supply is 25 that means you have to play constantly throughout the day to get anywhere. If you are a mom, a wife, and have a life it is unreasonable. Since I was in closed beta I had expressed my concerns about the game and the company responded by making compost bins requiring energy to use, stating the money making was out of balance and they needed to be fair to new players. I can't figure that out. You take the best money maker, and make it unreasonable and that helps new players? Obviously the company did not care about what we were saying as beta testers.

So what is the short and end of this review. Yes I'm disgruntled because they removed Horse Saga, but I was ready to quit playing anyway. I had other facebook games like Castleville that I like much better. (I have since stopped it too). Horse Haven is for kids, but beware that some of the quests will require you to use real money, unless they fix that. From what I last heard they hadn't. It is heavily reliant on begging friends for help, either in requesting supplies for building or asking friends to fulfill job postings. I had high hopes for the game when I was in closed testing, but once it opened it did not improve but got worse. I only give this game a 1 star rating. It is not worth your time, or your efforts. Don't be pulled into the blog posts sponsored by Ubisoft, they are not accurate about the game and its faults. I even saw one that stated you don't need friends to advance. (false) There are better games to waste time on, and even more important if you spend real money on facebook games, there are better ones worth your hard earned money.

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