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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Kendra gave me a cute card for Mother's day, Here is what it said
My Mom
My mom is happy when I have a smile.
My mom is sad when I am sad
My mom looks funniest when she is drying her hair
My mom looks prettiest when she's in a dress.
My mom get scared when she dosen't know were I am.
My mom laughs when we watch funny movies
My mom gets mad when I hit my little sister.
My mom smells like lavendar.
My favorite food my mom cooks is spgatti
My mom loves me when I have a smile.
I love my mom because she cooks food.
If I could give my mom something special it would be a necklace.
My favorite thing about my mom is she's nice.
I want to say thank you mom for being my mom.
Happy Mother's day love Kendra. (original spelling kept.)

Abbie's said
To me you are a queen.
To me you are the best
To me you are beautiful
To me you are the greatest thing
To me you are so great
To me you are amazing
To me you are special
To me you are wonderful

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