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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Collin is 18

You do know I have an amazing son right? He turned 18 the other day. It is rather hard to believe and strange to think in another year he will be mission bound. It the past year he was awarded the Eagle, he is in the order of the arrow and he earned the Duty to God award. From what we understand he is only the 2nd boy in our ward to get it since it was organized.

When he received his Eagle I told him that what would really mean more to me would be for him to earn his Duty to God. As wonderful as the scout program is, as a mother it is more important for my children to have a firm spiritual foundation. All though stats show that a high percentage of young men serve missions who have earned the eagle scout, I wonder how much more that stat improves upon earning the Duty to God? It has got to be better right?

So I am so happy that my son has earned both. He told me that he remembered what I said about the Duty to God award and that is why he finished it. I love my son, he is a great man, and I am sure will only continue to show what he is capable of doing.

Happy belated birthday son. I love not because of all the things you do, but because you are first and foremost my son.

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Cydney said...

Congrats on earning his Eagle and Duty to God. In my opinion they go hand in hand. Great achievements Collin!!!