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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A time to think

With the news of the death of Osama Bin Lauden, I like most of the nation felt some satisfaction. I can't say I felt joy, and I certainly did not want to dance in the streets.

For me I felt a sense of sadness. Not because a despicable human being was dead but sadness for the waste. What a waste of potential. Here was a man, like all of us in the world that is born innocent with a capacity to do good and he turned to evil.

I saw many people wish this man to rot in eternal torment. I suppose I got to thinking with my beliefs of Heaven and Hell and what does it really mean? I also got to thinking about judgement. I suppose that I am willing to let God be his judge, who better? From what I understand about salvation and the life to come is Hell really what we think and who really goes there. Outer darkness, I think members of the church need to study what the three kingdoms and perdition really are and who inhabits what. I think when we are commanded to not judge it means to beware our condemnation of others when that is up to God and his everlasting knowledge. After all there are many Christians that would condemn me to Hell because I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it doesn't feel right to be told as such when it is not up to them. Does that mean that I think this man with have Eternal Life. No, I don't I don't see him changing who and what he became in this life. I don't see him accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior. I am only saying I'm leaving his judgement to the one with the power, not my own wishes.

My other reason for not wanting to dance in the streets, is this is not over. Al-Qaida still exists, terrorism still exists, the fight for our freedom is not over. I am afraid that the weak people in this country will relax, loose focus, and feel that all threat is over. The death of one man will not stop those that hate all this country stands for and hate all that I believe in. I'm sorry Secretary of State Clinton, we cannot negotiate with terrorists, it doesn't work, it never has worked.


ASAZ said...

nice post,

T. F. Stern said...

Your thoughts run similar to my own as the idea of throwing a block party over Osama's death comes across as below the level of humanity our Creator would have. We have a combination of terrible leadership and shallow citizenry who fail to grasp what America is about.

Michael said...

Wow, you go girl...amen.