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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To the Rescue

I completed To the Rescue, the biography of President Thomas S. Monson. I loved the book. I'm not much of a biography reader, but I think this is one of the best books I have ever read. Of course it helps that I have a deep love for President Monson, and I have always wished that I could one day have the privilege to shake his hand.

The book made me cry, made me laugh, and made me wish that I was a better person. How can I become more like him. Truly he is a Christlike man. How can I learn to be like that. Sometimes I feel so selfish and I don't look outside and around like I should. I also learned that often we see charity to the poor and needy to be monetary, but as through the example President Monson it is the uplifting, paying attention, noticing and lifting. I know I have failed horribly in the past. I know my faith, my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ has grown just from reading this book, reading about his faith, his love, his endless service. Although the book is about him, it is really about what we can be when we put ourselves into the service of God. President Monson would not be who he is without the people he has reached out to.

Years ago he spoke at a fireside. I was touched that his goals have never left me, I wrote a song about it at one time. Not a great one, but it inspired me, and later my husband. When I sing it I cry because I have seen it in action in my life, when I do let go of my selfishness and look outward.

Kneel to Pray
Step up to Serve
Reach out to Rescue.

I'm glad that I have lived to see this man in action. I may never have my wish fulfilled to meet and shake his hand, yet I feel that by holding this fine book in my hands, I have gotten to know him and love him more.
What an blessing he is to the us living today. A man that can teach us what living like Christ is and can be if we choose to listen and follow. I honestly can see Satan's hand in the turmoil in the world as a general authority who is perhaps the most Christlike is now the prophet. With all the class war, and the rage against the "rich", (for once I would really like a definition of what rich is?") it is important to understand that charity comes from the heart and soul not from the "amount" given or taken. I hope we learn our lesson from this man. I know I intend to do my best.

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