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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm am Spittin" Mad Today

Collin had oral surgery on Friday. He is doing well and fine. Today I send him to school with a note that he is to take an antibiotic during school hours with the time, and sign it, adding my credentials at the end. I proceed to get a call from him that the school will not allow him to take it without my signature and the physicians signature on a paper at school. Get real!!!!!!!!

I get my signature, but the physicians signature is the prescription on the bottle. That is what makes it legal to carry and take medications that have to be taken that are not sold over the counter. That should be good enough for the school district. I would get it if it is something that needs to be taken over the counter, but a prescription written on the bottle. It makes me fuming mad. So I have a choice drive a 60 mile round trip for a signature good for 4 days, or drive to school everyday and give the pill myself. If they make a stink about it I am legally licensed to give a medication under a doctors order, to my own child, as a parent and a nurse. It drives me crazy the stupid bureaucracy of fear and control we are in in this society. I am a supporter of public schools. I could never home school. I don't have the temperament for it. Ask my children they will tell you. This sort of stuff is what drives me insane.


T. F. Stern said...

This is what happens when common sense gets thrown out with the bath water in favor of Zero Tolerance.

Julie said...

I hear you on all of this. My son has a prescription he takes everyday. When it changes, which it does from time to time, I have to go in and do things all over again. Such a TOTAL pain. But, when I think about it, they must have it this way because of some legal action that was taken against them at some point. They're just trying to be consistent with everybody and keep themselves out of legal trouble. Craziness. If we think about it, I bet the people that work at the schools hate it even more. It just takes a lot of time away from them and all the other things they need to do. Not to mention having all the parents mad about having to deal with all this garbage.