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Monday, November 01, 2010

Grateful for the Atonement

"As President Joseph Fielding Smith (1876–1972) observed: 'One of the greatest sins, both in magnitude and extent... is the sin of ingratitude. When we violate a commandment, no matter how small and insignificant we may think it to be, we show our ingratitude to our Redeemer. It is impossible for us to comprehend the extent of his suffering when he carried the burden of the sins of the whole world.... If we really understood and could feel even to a small degree, the love and gracious willingness on the part of Jesus Christ to suffer for our sins we would be willing to repent of all our transgressions and serve him'"

I honestly can say it isn't every Sunday that I'm grateful for the atonement. It isn't that I'm not, but as you know with little ones it can be hard to really focus on the sacrament and the atonement completely and with all your heart. You do your best, but most Sunday's it seems the struggle is trying to help a now 5 and 6 year old to be reverent and sit quietly so they don't disturb others. This is of course challenging if they are distracted by other children who are having just as much difficulty being reverent during this most important part of our Sunday Worship. Yesterday Michael and I were at church without the girls during Sacrament meeting. Since Natasha is home before she goes to her singles ward, it means if they aren't feeling well we can attend sacrament meeting together, at least until the time changes in a couple of months and we are on the same schedule as Tasha.

I really focused on the sacrament yesterday. I don't remember my thoughts exactly, because it was different from usual. Normally I try to focus on the symbols and emblems of the sacrament, but I think this time it was more focus on what it means for me.

In relation to my previous post, I am working on choice and accountability. I'm trying to recognize my active choice and agency in what I do in my life. I'm trying to focus on my love for the Saviour and increase my spiritual well being. I made a choice in the past couple of weeks to leave a certain, popular social networking site, following a prompting I have been having for several weeks. I had seen a steady decline in my spiritual health, and I knew I needed to get back to it. I knew that being there really was hindering me. There wasn't one factor but many and I figured now was the time to stop before I continued to flounder.

Not only did I have the prompting to stop that activity I had a prompting to start another, to help me increase my testimony and strengthen my weakness. I had been trying to muddle through reading the Old Testament. My goal for the year just went by the wayside with the death of my Aunt. Since that was not going well and we, as a family, have been trying to read the Old Testament following the Sunday School lessons the best we can, I felt I needed to start reading the Book of Mormon again. So that is what I have been doing. I'm working on it, and yesterday during the Sacrament, I was feeling better, more at ease and peace than I have been for many months.

It is a wonderful feeling to feel the peace of the gospel, the love of the Saviour and joy in serving God.

The scripture that stood out to me today is found in 2 Nephi 2:26-28

26 And the Messiah cometh in the fulness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall. And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon, save it be by the punishment of the law at the great and last day, according to the commandments which God hath given.
27 Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and call things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself.
28 And now, my sons, I would that ye should look to the great Mediator, and hearken unto his great commandments; and be faithful unto his words, and choose eternal life, according to the will of his Holy Spirit;

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