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Thursday, October 07, 2010

When are we going to see the Prophet speak?

Last night we had Kendra's parent/teacher conference, the first for 1st grade. She of course is doing very well, and is advancing quickly on her reading. She is grasping math concepts quickly and although has a few things to work on I am very impressed with where she is at this point.

As we were leaving the school, she kept asking us, "When are we going to see the Prophet." Michael and I both were confused, where on earth was she getting the idea that President Monson would be speaking on a Wednesday night when General Conference had just ended this weekend. As we got to the card she said..
"On the paper to tell us about tonight, it had that big word that begins with a "C" and something like....." and she tried to remember the word Conference. That is when it hit us, she associated the word "conference" with general conference and listening to the prophet, so she figured that is what we were also going to be doing at the parent/teacher conference too.

Don't you love it?


Megan said...

that's adorable! right up there with Abby wanting to go to Abbygarten.

I love the way kids think.

T. F. Stern said...

Our granddaughter 5 yrs old, saw President Monson and said, I know him, he's the guy who can wiggle his ears.