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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Signed and done.... for now

Today I signed the papers closing the sale of my sweet Aunt's house. What a process this has been. What am I grateful for.
That it sold, before the homeowner's insurance expired on 10/24.
That the sale did go through.
That the new mortgage company finally inputed my Aunt's death certificate and my letters of testamentary before I had to get a pay off quote since they would not talk to a title agent.

Hum, what am I not grateful for, or at least what was annoying.
That we had to drop the price 15,000 to get someone offer for it.
That we had to pay all the closing costs.
That the mortgage was sold 3 weeks after the previous company finally acknowledged her death certificate and my letters of testamentary. (which lead to dealing with a completely unreasonable company)

It is hard to say good-bye to her. I have shed many tears over the past few weeks as I have dealt with this aspect of her estate. I miss her so much, and yet I know she is better off now. I didn't expect to have to do all of this so soon. I wish we could have gotten more so there might would have been more to share with those of us listed in the Trust. As it is, I think I barely have enough to pay some of her debts, but not all of them.

If only the hospital had given the charity care as promised, and reassured many times over. If only the State had not canceled the benefits of retirees last year. We could go over the if only's so many times. It doesn't change anything, particularly the greatest wish that we could have her back with us.

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Michael said...

It has been a taxing ordeal, and I love the strength you have maintained to get it done, while also helping your family know they're loved and needed. Love you, Wolf