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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Conference thoughts and pondering

I love general conference. I can't say I always have, it is something I had to learn. As a kid, it seemed to be long boring meetings that we had to sit and watch, and I never got much out of it. As I grew older I appreciated it more. Now as an adult I love it. I eagerly wait for the words of the prophet and the general authorities.

The past few years general conference has become somewhat bitter sweet. My journey to love general conference started in college, with a roommate that I looked up to in so many ways. She is a woman that is as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Her testimony of the gospel was strong and she taught me so much. I remember that first conference we listened to together. All our other roommates went home for the weekend and we were there alone. We sat and listened. We talked about what we heard and shared our thoughts. I remember her testimony and love for President Monson, and her love of the scriptures. She taught me faith in prayer, increased faith in scripture study.

I'm glad I have my family I can share these experiences with, but part of me, wants to be 18 years old again, and go back and firm up my testimony even more. I would try to be a better friend. I miss those days, but I will never forget her example.

I am going to make a goal to be more grateful. So far what I hear that President Monson wants us to do is, think about missions, and make them a priority, and be more grateful. So that is what I'm going to do. Try to fill my life with gratitude and thanks.

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