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Friday, October 29, 2010

By their fruits?

The past few days it is becoming easier and easier to see the good, bad and noble in our society. I haven't made many political posts lately, (not that I have posted much of anything lately) but I feel the need to vent, just a little.

Since President Packer's talk (which I love and agree with), I have heard so many people say it was so hateful. I don't see hate in it. I can see how it can hurt, but hate? Hate is such a strong word. What is hateful about saying we have the right to choose to sin or not? Many, many years ago, I really struggled with an issue. I never talked about it with Michael, and with the degree of depression I was in after having Collin, I was in so much despair. At the end of my rope, I finally asked him for a blessing, and the blessing told me "to honor myself". Now I know Michael had no idea of my struggles, but God did, and that phrase was exactly what I needed to move on, get over it, repent, and start to actually be able to deal with my depression. I could choose to sin or not. Is it easy, nope, but it can be done. That is what I learned from his talk, I would rather figure out what it is I need to fix and not point my fingers at others.

I have heard people say the Glenn Beck is spreading hate, and violence. Tell me, how is calling people to pray, pray for the President, pray for the country, just get down on your knees and pray. How can that be hate? Tell me even if you are atheist how can prayer be hate? How is that going to incite another Oklahoma City type bombing? Just because I'm conservative doesn't mean I'm anti government. To the contrary, I just think the government should be limited in scope and power. Defend the country yes, manage infrastructure, yes, but stay out of my choice to worship, speak, and who I choose to listen to. Where is the risk of another bombing? In my opinion it is not from Glenn Beck, but from those like William Ayers who has done it before. It isn't going to come from those that love the country, but from those that disdain it and what we stand for.
On the other hand, what have I heard that truly is hateful. At least in my book. A vile term spoken by a liberal woman, in reference to a conservative candidate. I have been called that name. It isn't nice, it isn't pleasant, and by no means do you call your best friends that name. In fact my belief is if you use that term, you are showing your own colors and becoming what you are saying the other is.

I have heard the President refer to people like me as his enemies. What? I'm an American citizen, I pray for you, I pray for this country, I don't want your death, I don't want you or your family to suffer pain. I don't want horrible things to happen to anyone. Do I recognize that horrible things happen. Yes, it is part of life, but to me an enemy is some one that wants my death, and I know who those are. All I want is the ability to raise my family and let them choose what they want to do in this life. I want them to be happy no matter what salary they earn. My husband doesn't earn anywhere close to a three digit figure, we are happy, he is happy with what he does. If my children decide they want to earn 250,000 a year, I hope they can do it and not be punished for their success.

My vote is never based on race, sex, religion, but on what I believe and if it is different from you don't say I'm racist, sexist or bigoted. So you tell me what is true hate speech? I think I can see it by the fruits of those that speak.

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T. F. Stern said...

Statists have to silence their opposition in order to clear the playing field. They succeed only when the opposition leaves the playing field.