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Monday, August 09, 2010

A rash of trials.

Can there ever be a case of too much at once? Oh, I'm sure my sisters would say absolutely, and I tell you I have had just about enough, I want a break, a period of 9 months without something falling apart around me would be nice. Is that too much too ask? Please? Since Aunt Delene died it has been one thing after another.

Our fridge broke down in April. We spent nearly 300 trying to fix it when, low and behold the fix didn't work and we had to fork out the money for a new one. Now, I love my fridge but I really could be using that money for something else. After all the one the broke was nearly 4 years old. You don't expect a fridge that you spend a ton of money on to last only 4 years, 10 at least.

Then a few weeks ago, our stove broke, died, burned out. So now I'm paying for a fridge and a stove, my emergency fund is depleting fast. I guess I should be glad we had a tax return that I could make an emergency fund, but still, couldn't it have lasted a little longer.

Then just a few days after the stove died, our dishwasher was on a recall notice and had to be repaired. The only blessing was that it was paid for so no money out of pocket for that fix.

Now, tonight, Natasha takes the van out on a date, and the thing won't start. I'm sure it is the starter and I have no clue how I'm going to pay for the repair. I had to take some of the money I had saved for car repairs to pay for the stove to limit what is put on credit. I honestly tell you, I am at the end of my rope. I can't take one more thing, with a roof that leaks, sliding doors that don't work well, a front part of the house that still needs the rock put back on from the porch needing to be fixed.

I'm tired, worn out, and I just want to whine and groan. Things need to be settled, and soon because I have had enough. Seriously, enough.


T. F. Stern said...

That reminded me of the college student who was in a panic because he lost a ten dollar bill out of his wallet in a wind storm. His buddy tried to cheer him up, "Hey, maybe some poor person who really needs ten dollars will find it"

The fellow who lost the money said, "I'm the poor person who needs to find ten dollars".

Well at least you have sense enough to keep an emergency fund set aside.

Tigersue said...

I have been trying to follow Dave Ramsey's advice to get out of debt. It seems for every step forward I'm taking a ton of steps backward. Driving me absolutely insane.

I had 3000 in an emergency fund and the hoping that I could save and build to plan for Collin's mission, and I have a 20 year old daughter that seems to think she needs to have a steady boyfriend even though I counsel her not to and date several men to get to know how different personalities fit with hers. My concern is she will marry someone just to get married and not because it is the right person for her. So I may have a wedding in the near future too.

We were going to use what little money we would get from my Aunts Estate to go to Calgary for the Temple open house there. Now I think it will be paying for all this extra debt added on top of what is there already.

Michael said...

Sorry for the part I've played in the stress. I hope to stay part of the solutions, even if the round tuits are paced slowly. Love you, Wolf