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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Once again I'm so behind on posts.

The Birthday Girl

Silly Abbie.

Kendra decided a Carrot Cake looked good, and then she didn't like it.

Don't you love cute candles? Thanks Deitrick for bringing them

Grandma Bourne made these cute shawls for the girls to wear to church. They are so pretty.

Aunt Celeste is rarely seen without her knitting in hand.

Collin, Wrylie and Aunt Cindy

Grandma showing Kendra the stuff to go with her Cuddlekids machine. Thanks Aunt Delene.

Kendra wanted a VDV (she can't say DVD. )


Natasha and Deitrick

I realize I am so behind. No blogging about Natasha turning 20, no blogging about Collin's concerts and experiences in band. No blogging about Kendra doing a diorama. Yesterday was Kendra's birthday. So here are a few shots of the fun.
We missed Aunt Delene so much, she loved to come for our dinners and celebrating the girls birthdays.

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