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Monday, March 01, 2010

Life Changes.

Me, My mother, and Aunt Delene

Natasha and Aunt Delene

At the beginning of the year I had this inner feeling that something was going to change in my family. You know, those kind of impressions that you push aside, and try to enjoy each day and its miracles knowing that something was going to happen.

I thought perhaps it would be the loss of one of my parents, probably my father but I did not anticipate the loss of Aunt Delene so soon. My father found her lying on her living room floor Thursday February 25th when she did not answer her phone. Since it is just her and she hadn't been feeling very well for several weeks he went to check on her.

She has been in the hospital since suffering with a massive stroke, and congestive heart failure. Her heart has had significant arrhythmia's that are concerning and most likely the cause of her stroke.

It has been so hard to see her in bed, intubated, and hardly responsive. Michael and I did have a moment when we visited that we know she was there and interacting with us, but that has been the only time anyone has seen a sign from her that she was kind of with us. The rest of the time she has been in a coma or heavily sedated to try to help her heal.

As we gathered as a family to say good-bye to this sweet, warm, funny lady, love was very present around her.

She was a woman that never had the blessing of marriage or children in her life, and lived the best she could. Very independent and used to living on her own. She was my mother's only sibling and since my father is an only child she was his only sibling as well. Their sorrow is heartbreaking to watch.

I am always in awe of the miracle of birth and yes the miracle of death. We are designed by a loving creator that has instilled the desire and instinct to live and hang on.

She passed from this life in much the same way, independent, knowing she was loved, and returned to be with her parents who both have died years before. We will miss her very much, for she gave much to all of us. She loved to travel, loved to read, and loved her pets. I promise Aunt Delene to find humor more often and laugh more often.

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Michael said...

Beautiful tribute, and I will miss her too. Loneliness will not be an issue any more, for her; I cherrish her devotion to seek her own lasting happiness through the Gospel and family. Love you, Wolf