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Monday, February 08, 2010

Rachel's blessing

Our little family was invited to attend the blessing of a new great niece yesterday. So bright and early we got up, and with Noelie and Marlei loaded up the van and headed up to Logan for the event. We very much enjoyed ourselves and had so much fun and laughter as we gathered as families to adore the sweet little girl. Over the next few days I will post some pictures because, well there are many of them. Some I took and some from others.

I am so grateful for Tyler and Kelly, they are wonderful, patriotic, hard working, and we love them very much. It was a wonderful visit with Kelly's family as well. Her parents made us all feel welcome put my parents up for the night. Thanks so much for inviting us!

Kelly, Tyler and Rachel

Kelly, Tyler, Rachel, Mom and Dad (being silly) ;)

Little Rachel

Kelly, Rachel, Michael and Abbie.

Michael and Natasha.

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Michael said...

Blessed family moments, I share the same gratitude for a good time and loving hospitality on Kelly's parents part, and Tyler and Kelly. Family is wonderful to be with... Love you, Wolf