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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Facts about Quadruple jumps in figure skating.

Yigeni Pulshenko hasn't quite been telling the truth about triple jumps. He made the claim that they started in 1998. His belief it is setting the sport back by not giving the medal to someone that "can't do the jump." (Yes Evan Lysacek can do a quad, I have seen him do it. He chooses not to because of a foot injury. Can't say I blame him)

Quads have 4 to 4 1/2 revolution(axel)

Only quad toe loop (the easiest one to do I think? I think the toe loop is the easiest jump but not sure completely) and a quad Salchow have been landed in competition.

It is rumored that Robert Wagenhoffer had been practicing quads 10 years before one was done in competition.

Two skaters do quads, one unsuccessfully at the World Championships, and one landed during training but the skater opted not to do in a competition.

In 1984, a quad was landed in the olympics but was judged not to count because of a flawed landing. (probably under rotated)

1986, another landed in worlds but because it had a two foot landing was judged not valid.

In 1988 Kurt Browning landed the firt quad toe loop in the World Championships. Brian Boitano attmepted it but it was ruled not valid.

So for the past 22 years have been attempted with rare success. Many injuries have occurred and it has pushed the sport to it's limits.

In 1989 2 skaters land it in Worlds.

In 1990 a Russian lands it in their Nationals.

If you would like to see more of the history of the quad jump go Here.

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