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Monday, January 04, 2010

Review of goals and on to next.

Last year I made 3 goals.

I completed Abbie's sock!

I worked a bit on spiritual feasting that got better by the end of the year. For this year I want to read all 4 standard works. I'm going to start with the Old Testament since I am missing this year's course of study. After that not sure where I will go next, probably New Testament, then Book of Mormon and D+C at that same time. We just finished reading The Pearl of Great Price as a Family but I suppose I should actually start with it, or add it to my Old Testament study at the same time.

I did fair at taking care of my health. I started of well, lost some weight and was feeling good. Then I had a horrible back slide and was never really able to get back on track. I am still 10 pounds under last year so I have good reason to get back to Low Carbing and working on my rest.

As far as a project goal, I'm not sure what I want to do. I could finish Michael's sock, at least make some good progress on it, or work on another cross stitch project that has been in my head to do for the little girls. I also want to get back to reading. I would like to join the book club I did a couple of years ago, but I think I need to temper that much reading too. I suppose if I make a good goal of 1 new book a month and see how it goes from there it should be good. I know I have that many to read between the political books I have borrowed, the books Michael gave me for Christmas and some I got a couple of years ago, there are at least 12 in the bunch. :)

I need to temper my words more, and love my children more. At least I have a husband that is a great compass for me. He lets me know if I do something out of line, and he also lets me know that I am not as bad as others would make me believe from time to time. I'm not perfect, but at least with him he will help me get there and not hinder me. He also lets me be responsible for my choices and actions.

I need to murmur less and find more joy. Maybe that will happen as I fix my hormones with eating properly. Wish me luck, I think I will need it because I have the sinking suspicion that 2010 will not be any easier than 2009. (Can I say a car that is on it's last leg and we just pray it will last many, many more months)

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Michael said...

I hope to include the completing the Family Room for 2010, which needs to start here in the winter months, if it's going to be accomplished. Love you, Wolf

P.S. You're my anchor too...