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Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracle and Tragedies update.

Today I found out that one of Michael's cousins gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that only lived a few short hours. I wondered what I could say, it is always so hard to hear of the grief a young family goes through at this time.

I have seen it as a nurse not only in NICU but also in my job in adult ICU when I had to help a mother who had complications after a fetal demise. I have also known a wonderful friend who has lost a baby at term, and another that chose the tortuous option of terminating a pregancy because the baby had such horrible birth defect that it was more compassionate to deliver before viability rather than put the child through a horrible tortuous life at term. I can't comprehend the pain, heartache, and sorrow these women and their husbands felt when this happens. I can't say I know how they feel, I don't.

My dear cousin, we love you and hope the grace of God and his everlasting mercy will support you, guide you and somehow his tender mercies will be shown to you in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years that you will always miss this precious life so shortly granted you in this mortal sphere.

Below is a post I wrote before I gave birth to Abbie, I figured now would be an okay time to revisit it for me.

I have been thinking today about Miracles and Tragedies and what they mean in my life. I have witnessed the miracle of 100's of births, and taken care of even more babies, I have seen the best outcomes and the worst. I have cried with joy with parents, and cried with sorrow as they sit by their sick child's bedside. I have taken care of new mom's holding and talking to their new child, and sat with mother's that lost their baby before their time. I have seen the miracle of people brought back from a heart attack, and sat with other's while they die with no family around them. I have seen other's hang on until all people important in their life can see them. I have seen my daughter's tears as she copes with being molested at a young age, and still I see her laugh with joy at the prospect of being able to date, showing the miracle of healing in her soul. I have seen marriages with the promise of eternity melt and fade away, and I have seen other's that fight and hang on with every part of their beings when most would just throw that gift away. I have seen the effects of domestic violence and the pain and suffering it causes to the wounded souls and they try to make the best of life after such betrayal. I have watched the suffering of those in war, and then see the joy on children's faces as they are given simple toys.
I have read stories and tales of miracles and sorrow and all it teaches me is that God is no respecter of persons. That no one person has a corner in the market on sorrow and no one person has a completely simple and easy life. We all have blessings and miracles, and we all have sorrows and pain. God is there to help realize what all he has given us, and intends to give us if we can just slow down, look around and see the miracle of the rising sun each day. We have so much to learn and so much to give. I'm trying to be more charitable, more loving, and more caring no matter what comes my way. Tragedy and Miracles all part and parcel of this mortal life.

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Megan said...

beautiful words Tanya.