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Thursday, January 28, 2010

An exclusive invitation

I got this lovely black envelope in the mail. It screamed open, open, open. So I did.
It was an invitation to apply for an exclusive "Black Visa" card. Only 1% of population in the country would be invited to have such a special, exclusive card. It would give me 24 hour Concierge Assistant, Exclusive rewards, and Luxury gifts from some of the World's top brands. Made with Carbon!

Here is the real draw in....

13.24% interest (fine print, to be determined by adding a margin to prime rate.)

APR cash advance 21.99% interest

Penalty 30.24%

annual fee $495
$195 for each additional authorized user
Fine print

Subject to applicable federal and Delaware law, we will allocate your payment to lower APR balances before higher APR balances. This means that your savings may be lower if you engage in transactions that result in balances subject to higher APRs. After February 22, 2010 generally, we will allocate any amount over your minimum payment to the highest APR balances first.

Issuing bank only in fine print Barclays Bank Delaware.

What do you think? Should I apply?


T. F. Stern said...

I have a better idea, pay cash and put a piece of black construction paper in your wallet instead of the credit card.

MomR said...

I like the above idea.

Tigersue said...

T.F always has good ideas. I thought it was brilliant myself. :)