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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Scentsy warmer anyone?

I have had fun playing with my camera. I didn't get many pictures on Christmas because I wasn't sure how to use it properly. Here are the best of the bunch. The little girls were sitting beside me so I didn't get any of them, I was in a rather strange place with lots of stuff around me that was easy to knock over. :(

Natasha, Collin and Michael.

Abbie's Sock

Our Tree

Collin with Wrylie

Tasha and Michael getting ready to open a gift from Michael's mother.

One of the gifts that got the best laugh was my new scentsy warmer from my sister-in-law Téa. It is a BYU warmer, not that it was funny, just fun, but if you look at the color of the scent that came with it you catch the humor. Yup, it is red.

In case you wonder, they do make one for the U of U and Boise state. Who know if they will come up with others. I would imagine they would. It's a great idea for the sports fans in the area.

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