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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I love family.

Several weeks ago, I had a blog post written, just before Thanksgiving, and honestly it really didn't sound that grateful. It turned more into a whine than anything else. That isn't what this season is about and certainly isn't about me and me alone. So here I am trying another draft of the same topic and I will try my best to not make it a whine so you don't have to offer me any cheese to go with it.

I am so grateful for MY family. All of them, and MY FAMILY has grown over the years. MY FAMILY IS much more than MICHAEL and OUR CHILDREN. MY FAMILY IS MUCH more than MY PARENTS or MY SIBLINGS. So here is a list of MY FAMILY and I love them ALL so very much. Even with frustration and disappointments, there is so much to be grateful for, many excellent and wonderful memories

Mom and Dad B.
Mom and Dad R.
Sisters Noelie, Cindi lou, Snobaybe, Sandy, Karen, Kimberly, Téa, and Ruth.
Brothers Cordell, Bryan, Kim, Richard, Randy and Robert.
Nephews Sean, Jayson, Tyler, Jordan, Chris, Bryce, Jason Nathaniel, Alex, Duncan , Matthew, Wesley, Jon and Ephraim.
Nieces Shandel, Brittany, Kylie, Marlei, Rebecca, Rachel, Jessica, Sara, Cheanna, Emma, Elayna (I'm afraid I will be destined to never spell her name right), Anya, Grace, Kelly, Brynn, Stephanie.
Great Nephews,Porter, , Noah, Tobi, Shae, Skyler, Wyatt.
Great Nieces Olivia, Ellie, Macie, and Rachel, and Alex (not sure about her spelling.)
The list could keep going with all the Aunts and Uncles there are, I only have my Aunt Delene, but Michael has so many it is amazing to me. I have learned from all of these people including the newborn babes this time of year. I am eternally grateful to have them all in MY FAMILY for that is what they are to me.....



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