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Friday, December 11, 2009

Contemplations of Life

The past few weeks have been very interesting and have deepened my appreciation of this precious life we are given.
Since just before Thanksgiving, we have had two births in our extended family, (if we go back a couple more months you can add another to that as well. 2 nephews and a niece welcomed babies into their homes) we have had two deaths in our ward in a matter of two weeks, my brother-in-law's father just passed away, and I know family members and friends that have been out a job, some for a very long long, well over a year.

It has been the birth and deaths that always make me pause and think and ponder. These two great events that mirror each other, birth that is a spiritual death taking us from the presence of God and death that is a birth into the spirit world were life continues on.

I have had the privilege of being able to work in both the well baby and NICU, attending many a birth and witnesses new life brought into this world, and working in adult ICU where I would care for those whose life was at and end. One usually filled with joy, and the other with tears and sorrow as good byes are said.

For me I remember the death of a few people well. One because he became a good friend through out my months caring for him as he was a frequent admission. He was surrounded by loving family and passed away after my shift was through. (He was admitted on my shift, his family expressed gratitude that I was there, and the nurse that was with him at his death was another that he had expressed much fondness.)

The other was a woman that was visiting from out of state. She was alone, I don't remember her diagnosis other than it was respiratory in nature. As she struggled to breath, and we tried to keep her alive long enough for her daughters to come from out of state she died with only myself to hold her hand and give her some comfort. It was tragic in my eyes as she was alone, and her family could not arrive in time. I remember hearing from family later that they were glad that she was not completely alone but had the comfort of caring nursing in her last hours.

The past few days reminded me of these experiences as my brother-in-laws father was dying. I feel badly for my sister's husband that he could not arrive there in time to see his father one more time. I am glad that there was family to be around him. There is much to be said of the love of family at these times. I hope he has a safe journey to the funeral, and he will find comfort, time to laugh as well as time to cry.

I can only hope that I can take the time to learn from these lessons and strive to continue to love, honor and respect my parents and all they have done for me.

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