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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mom and Dad's anniversary party went so well. I hope you enjoy the slide show. My camera died so thanks to Marlei and Brynn for the pictures that they posted on facebook so I could get more!

I was so happy to see all the support and love from friends and family that traveled to see them on this very monumental day in their lives. I think my mother would have been happy to let it quietly go by, but we determined to not let that happen. My sisters and I love them too much to let it go by. They had all their daughters there, and most of their grandchildren. Jordan and Stephanie couldn't make it, well for a little 7lb 15 oz reason. They welcomed Tobias (Tobi) into the world about 45 minutes before the party was to start, so he made the 3rd great grandchild. Tyler and Kelly also could not make it and they were very much missed. They are expecting soon and that will be great grand baby number 4.

I wanted to thank my sisters for all their help. Noelie was so sick this past month, but she helped me find ideas on the internet and gave me much needed moral support. I know she wanted to do more, but what could she do when she could barely get through work. I hope she gets better soon. I feel so bad for her.

Cindilou, did the drinks, she made lemon water and another bowl with sprite and frozen berries. It look beautiful and tasted so good.

Snobaybe gathered up some pictures, scanned them and sent them to Brynn. She wanted to do more, but apparently she did not get the messages I sent on facebook. Oops. So I felt bad about that.

Brynn, she gathered up pictures and made up a beautiful digital scrapbook for Mom and Dad. It was a sweet gift and turned out so well.

Robert, Jayson, Noelie, Randy, Snobaybe, Cindilou, Aunt Delene, and my wonderful husband came early to help set up, and Marlei was so wonderful at entertaining the kids, she amazes me. Honestly Marlei, maybe you should be a kindergarten teacher!

I loved all the people that came to share this day with my parents, friends in the ward, friends from years past. I could see the blessing it was to my parents to see all those that do love them for the special and wonderful people they are. What a blessing they are to me. I was grateful for the chance to visit with a very, very good friend. We keep trying to get together and for some dumb reason it never happens. Goodness I need to fix that. Her daughter was so cute with my girls.

One of the cutest moments of the night was when Marlei, Natasha, Collin, Kendra, Abbie, Ellie, Noah, and my friends daughter sang "I am a Child of God" to Grandma and Grandpa. It touched my heart because it is my dad's favorite Primary song. I think they are willing to adopt another grandchild! She is adorable.

As you can tell I am very blessed, and very grateful for the 5th commandment, to Honor thy Father and Mother.

Thank you mom and dad. I love you!

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