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Monday, November 16, 2009

Changes, Changes, Changes

Life is full of changes. It always happens, something we can't stop. I don't always do well with change but this time I seem to be much better. Not that the changes are bad, but it always throws a bit more complexity at times.

Michael was called to be the Ward Executive Secretary. He is of course, humbled, worried and as always desires to do the best he can. I know he will be good at it because he is one of the most dedicated people I know and very organized when it comes to tasks he needs to do. He is adjusting to not being in the Elder's Quorum Presidency, but since he had been in that for over 4 years, (he was placed in it just before Abbie was born) it was time for him to have a change.

I have been released as a Relief Society teacher and called to teach in the Primary. The thought almost terrifies me. I have never taught Primary before and I wonder can I be effective to teach the basics in a method the children can understand? I doubt my own patience and abilities, but I will go forth the best I can. I'm not as depressed as I was last time I released from teaching Relief Society. Maybe because I knew it was time. I have been privileged to teach all the odd lessons from the Joseph Smith Manual. I only will have missed lesson 1 and the last lesson 47. How is that for a string? I really enjoyed teaching it but I found my last 3 lessons to be a struggle. My lesson was canceled in September, and the lessons for October and November, and December where all so close in topic and theme. It was almost a relief to not have to teach the last one.
Then I discovered that the next manual was going to be Gospel Principles. Not that I mind Gospel Principles, but I wasn't sure how I felt about teaching it in RS. I guess the was the spirit preparing me for my release.

My biggest disappointment is that once again I will be missing a year of the Old Testament. I LOVE the Old Testament. I love the stories and the prophecies, and how it all foreshadows the coming of Christ. I think it is the most misunderstood and least read book of scripture in our Church. Personally it is a shame because it is filled with a richness of tradition and symbolism. I always seem to miss the teachings of the Old Testament. I wonder why that is? Maybe Heavenly Father knows I love it so someone else needs the opportunity to sit in the class?
Once I finish reading the Book of Mormon, I will be picking up the Old Testament and feasting on it no matter what.

It is my busy time of year. I was going to do Gratitude posts like I did in the past but fell short on that. Not sure what I will do for Christmas this season on my Blog. Maybe I will get some inspiration somewhere?

On another note, I removed Waters of Mormon from my blog list. I have visited there lately and have become very disgruntled in the tone of the blog. I see value in discussion but when it seems they downplay the seriousness of some sins, and the words of the Living Prophets on certain topics I am disturbed. I found myself feeling like I do when I visit the feminist blogs. YUCK. I heard a great quote yesterday morning.

Intellectualism is when one asks questions, not to find the answer but to always ask more questions and not be satisfied; where as asking a question to learn is noble and good. I think that is what I find in many of these blog site, they are becoming Intellectualized rather than a place of learning and sharing.

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