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Sunday, October 04, 2009

I love Elder Holland. (and others of course)

This conference weekend has been interesting for me. Michael went to Idaho to visit his family, and I opted to stay home so I could put my energy into working on Abbie's Christmas sock. With my aging poor eyes it is harder for me to work on than other cross stitch projects I have done. So yesterday I spent the day home alone with Wrylie, listening to conference and stitching away.

I was feeling rather bad after Elder Scott's talk on keeping teaching to basics, and I was doubting my method and approach to teaching the Relief Society lessons, wondering if I was doing too much and not sticking to the basics enough. Then came a talk before Elder Bednar's that confirmed to me that I was doing okay. This Elder talked about a teacher that taught with the focus of reaching and looking higher. That has always been my approach, to look higher and deeper. To figure and encourage how the basics really work on our hearts and souls. I wept tears of gratitude because I needed to hear that. As usual I loved Elder Bednar's and Elder Uchdorf''s talks. They always have a way to inspire me and sooth my soul.

Today, it was Elder Holland. How could anyone not hear his passionate and fervent testimony of the Prophet Joseph and the Book of Mormon. How could anyone who heard his voice not feel the power and truth of all he said. When I think of an apostle that tells it as it is, doesn't pull punches and has become of a force of truth, I think of Elder Holland. I love him and his testimony more and more. Every conference I find myself looking forward to what he is going to say next. What can I learn from him? Today, I saw my father cry. I spent the day with my parents and my sister Cindi, and by the end of Elder Holland's Testimony, for that is what it was, my father sobbed. I am unable to think of the last time I saw my father shed tears like that. I wished my brother, who has forgotten what it means to honor his parents could have seen it. I wished my youngest sister could have heard it and listened. I thought of the many friends I have who have left the membership and fellowship of the church and wished that they could have heard the words of this powerful testimony of an Apostle of God. My heart wished many could have heard and understood what I felt this afternoon as I stitched and listened to him. Thank you Elder Holland for speaking words I needed to hear, not because I doubt and question, but because I believe but need to believe and act more upon my own testimony. Thankyou because I have 3 lessons coming up in Relief Society that are practically identical, your testimony will help me again in preparing a lesson in the future. May I never, ever forget the power I felt today, the Spirit was strong and full.

I love our dear prophet President Monson. I watched the documentary on his life, and I am in awe of how he lives by the spirit and his focus on service. I wish I was more like him, he is an example of how we should all live. I have such a love for him I can't even express it. I wept as I watched the show. I want to be a better support for the service my loving husband does. I want to follow the example of his wife, and not complain but support him no matter the call that comes our way. I feel I have learned much this conference session. I needed the time alone to think and ponder about my attitude, my own lack of faith and self doubts. I have truly come away edified and fulfilled.

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