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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip to Idaho Falls.

I apologize for the image intensive post. I was much too lazy to do a slide show.

Kendra and Abbie measuring up to the size of a Golden Eagle!

A big tortoise, and my last shot, the camera died.

A young wood duck, my favorite bird.

More Wood ducks! I love them.

A Mandarin Duck

The Girls on the tiger. (The real one was sleeping in its den!) Abbie fell off of it right after this picture and did a face plant. Poor kid, but she didn't cry.




A Lioness

A sleepy Lion

Collin frowning at me!

Drinking out of a lions mouth.

Petting an albino ferret

Petting a chinchilla

A beautiful parrot

Petting goats


I hope you don't miss the previous post and pictures of Michael's birthday present! Scroll down if you did.

Last weekend, long Labor Day Weekend, we took a quick trip up to Idaho Falls to visit with Michael's parents. We hadn't done it for awhile and figured it was time to do so. We had to leave Saturday morning instead of Friday night because Collin had to play at a football game for Pep band.

We arrived about 10:30 in the morning, and Michael and Collin helped to arrange the rooms we would be sleeping in. We spent the day visiting and then a quick trip to the Family History Center in IF where Michael's parents serve a mission for the church. They had managed to take the day off but Michael's mother wanted to teach the class that she is usually scheduled for so we went with her to tour the facility.

While she taught her class we went to visit one of Michael's best friends and his family. Matt and Shonda are always so welcoming and it was good to see them. I hadn't seen them in a few years. With my degree of depression I have not wanted to be around people very much and I skipped out on the few trips (camping) where I would have seen them in the past few years.

Saturday night, we played a game of Pinochle and the ladies won for a change. (we usually play ladies against men) Michael's mom could have shot the mom on the last bid if she had realized what she would have had. She took every trick played, and the men only lost 20 point of meld.

Sunday we went to church in the afternoon and the girls were not acting themselves. Sleepy, and cranky, both have had colds, so we decided I would take them back to the house and let them rest. Both of them feel asleep, Abbie on her Grandma's chair, and Kendra on the floor. They really must have needed their sleep because neither of them have taken a nap for a very long time.

Monday we took a trip to the Tautphus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls. There was a lady in front of us that lives in Michael's parents ward, and she gave us two free passes as we were waiting in line. It was so nice of her to do. The zoo is a nice little zoo. I think our favorite exhibit are the penguins, how can you not like those birds? They don't have lots of the big animals you expect, but they do have lions, tigers, bears, monkeys of a few varieties, birds, and plenty of others. They have a small children's zoo and the girls got to pet a few goats. After the zoo we had lunch at Frontier Pies. (Why did they have to close down in Utah anyway?) Michael got his longed for Navajo Taco, and I got my favorite german chocolate pie. Yummm.

We came home shortly there after and it is always so nice to get back home.

It was a nice trip over all, but I seemed to lack much energy for several days after.

Thanks mom and dad!

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