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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday my Michael!

Yesterday was Michael's birthday and with all the running around to get ready for the day I didn't get a chance to blog.

He wanted Chicken Cordon Blue for dinner so we went to Costco to get the item. He loves to have strawberry shortcake with Angel food cake, so I figure since they have the best cream, and always have strawberries, and I always see Angle food cakes there it would be a good place to go. Figures, no strawberries, no angel food cake. So my poor husband had to settle with raspberries, and blueberries, and pound cake. He didn't complain.

I had fun surprising him with a new big, wonderful flag pole for his birthday. We have had the scouts accidentally take our own flag and small pole in the past, (and then take forever to find it again), so I figured this would solve the problem. No way will they mix this one up. I also bought a new wonderful sturdy flag to go with it. When he gets the pole installed in our yard I will take a picture of it. We hope to place it in an area that has been an eyesore for years. With luck, no ants when he goes to dig. :)

Again Happy Birthday love. Maybe I should have spent the money on food storage, but I feel our sense of patriotism is more important right now.

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