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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spiritually Speaking

There are times when you are reminded how much you miss quiet moments of reflection. With two little girls it is often difficult to ponder and think at church. Last Sunday, Michael who thought he was coming down with a cold, stayed home with two little girls that did have a cold. With Natasha going to her own ward, and Collin preparing and helping with the sacrament, I left home to go to church early, ponder the lesson I was to give and just sit quietly. As I was doing so, I watched the boys place the cloth over the sacrament trays and my mind immediately went to pondering the symbols and blessing of the sacrament. It was a joy in those few short moments to genuinely feel the spirit and teaching brought to me as I reflected on the love of the Savior. How his life, when completely uncovered from the shroud placed over his body, and renewed, finished the complete triumph over Satan and the effects of the Fall.
I had a moment of great love for Him and all he has done. It was only a moment, but what a moment it was and I am grateful for it. I don't get them much anymore at church, but when I do I cherish them deeply and store them in my heart.

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