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Friday, July 17, 2009

Where has the time gone?

June flew by fast, and July is going even faster. I haven't blogged much lately, not because I have not had anything to say, but rather I have not wanted to say anything.

June was full of events, my birthday, our 21 anniversary, a family reunion, and being busy and not busy at the same time.

So a note to self, when I publish my blog be sure to include family reunion pictures. I'm not much of a reunion person, but this one was nice. Cool, slightly rainy weather the day of the reunion and downpours the next day. Maybe you don't think that is great, with my aversion to hot weather and reunions that made it great.

Since then my life has been consumed with canning. So far I have done 9 batches of apricot jam, if you count that as 10 cups on average batch (some I got more, non were less) that is over 90 cups of apricot jam. I did 5 batches of raspberry jam after a great deal on raspberries one day. I think that is the most I have ever done of that because raspberries are not cheap! As of today, 22 quarts of apricots, (still learning to do that better), 15 quarts of apricot juice, and 10 pints of apricot pureƩ. I have more to do. With the most bountiful harvest of apricots we have ever had, I am trying not to let any go to waste. I know Michael would like to do some dried apricots, but honestly mine have never turned out so well. We still have lots of fruit on the tree, but I don't imagine I will do much more after Tuesday or Wed. of next week.

I have also started a new experiment. I have always wanted to see if I could make my own batch of sour dough starter from scratch. With my concern over the economy and this current president I figure now is a good time to practice and see what I can do. Found this website, Sourdough Home, and I have been following his steps to create my own sourdough. After a couple of days I am able to start using white flour since it has been very active. I started it with a small package of dark rye flour that I bought. I didn't buy the kinds in the paper bags but one that was in the plastic special items that you can find. After 24 hours it was showing good activity and today it really grew after it's feeding this morning. Noelie also gave me a bit of the start she had been working on since I gave her some of the Amish friendship bread start and it is also a very active start. I just wanted to see what I could do from scratch without any added yeast or sugar from the beginning.

As you can see my life has been busy in the kitchen. Today my feet hurt and it is time to go put them up and relax the rest of the night. Poor Michael, he is still working outside watering the garden. Some year we will have a good harvest from that and I will have to buckle down and get a pressure caner to preserve that good food.

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