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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A small update on life

I have not posted much lately. I have been tad under the weather. Not horrible but enough that I get overstimulated very easy, and so I have tried to keep some of my activities at a low level.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had many happy wishes from family, friends and neighbors. I "woke up" (already awake from scripture reading) to Kendra bringing me her birthday present for me. Inside a little paper bag that had held Easter treats from school, was a little picture she had made for Easter. She gave that to me as her present. how sweet of her to think of it. I had her write her name on it, and she also wrote my name on it.

I had a nice lunch date with Michael to Tucano's, and afterward we wandered around Williams-Sonoma, and Barnes and Noble for a little while until he needed to return to work. Upon arriving home Natasha had cleaned up the house nicely for me as a birthday present. Very sweet of her, as well as willing to take care of Kendra and Abbie so we could go on our date.

I also had another trip to see the doctor after the antibiotic seemed to not make a difference with the ear condition that has been driving me crazy. He as put me on some musinexD extra strength and nasonex to try to help breakdown and thin out anything that may be blocking the Eustachian tubes in my ears that could be trapping fluid in the ear. It seems to be helping a bit since the pressure is not so bad after I take the medicine. I truly hope to see a significant difference over the next couple of days.

I hope Natasha puts up pictures of Abbie with my parents little pet chicken, Cluck, Cluck or Chickie. (Kendra called the little bird Cluck, Cluck, but mom and dad call her Chickie.) Abbie absolutely loves the little bird and always wants to hold her. Now she thinks she can hold any bird she sees. I have watched her run up to robins and then cries because she can't hold the bird.

Michael had a good time with the kids at the Park one of the days I was really ill. I wanted to go on the picnic but I really did feel horrible for a few days.

I hope you all had a nice memorial day, remembering those who have passed on in this life, those that served your family and your country. Our freedom is a precious thing and we must never loose sight of it.

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