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Thursday, June 11, 2009

.... Feeling a bit down in the dumps....

Where is that line from?

It has suited me the past few days, whether hormones, adrenal fatigue or a regression of the depression I have no idea. I have been sick since well before memorial day. I got over the initial cold fairly well, with a touch of bronchitis, unfortunately I had a problem with my ear. I was finally put on antibiotics but it did nothing and a few days later I was put on a cold medicine and nasal spray. My ear didn't hurt, but it was so filled with fluid that I couldn't hear well, and even my beloved music sounded out of tune. I mean, out of tune... like listening to beginning band or orchestra play for the first time out of tune. By the end of each day I was so fatigued I'm sure my brain was processing double information even though it didn't always sound like that. It is getting better, but I am so tired from not sleeping (the medicine) and the stress my body has taking I feel like I need a dark closet or blanket to wrap up in and hide for several days. Of course that is not an option, but I hate feeling so on edge and so volitile. Bleh.

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