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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek

Caution spoilers, if you haven't seen the movie don't read!

I can admit it. I am a Star Trek junkie, I won't go so far as to say I'm Trekkie. Michael and I went to see the new movie on Friday and I admit I was left a bit disconcerted, unsure of how I felt about it. I enjoyed it, I didn't hate it, there were aspects I didn't like at all, and some that I very much liked.

I knew I wanted to see it again, so I went with my sisters Cindy-lou and Snobaybe and my Aunt Delene. I liked it much better the 2nd time, and what I really like, I liked even more, and what I didn't like I still didn't like.

As far as what I like, well, I love Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott. They honestly make the movie for me. They both play their rolls so well with out copying the originals. They have shades of the original cast but manage to show their individual talents very well. They are truly a pleasure to watch and very much the comic relief in the show without being ridiculous. I could watch them both over and over.

I have fallen in love with the music as usual. I didn't pay attention to it as much the first time I saw it. I know there were moments I liked but I couldn't remember them, but at the second viewing I feel in love with parts of the score.

I did not like the relationship between Spock and Uhura. I have a hard time buying it for some strange reason. Perhaps it is just me but for me it doesn't work. I thought it was a bit over kill and it would have made more sense to me if they had created a strong bond of friendship between the two of the them than a romance between teacher and student.

I look forward to getting the CD and watching this on clearplay. It is too bad that the one scene I don't care to see is also a scene with some significance to the story. Figures.

As far as warnings, it deserves its rating, there is sexual content, language and lots of violence. It is different from other Star Trek film and movies but keeps the sense of Fun that the original cast seemed to convey.

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