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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures my sister took for mother's day. Thank you Cindy Lou.

When we went to my parents house for mother's day I asked Cindy to take some pictures for me, and of course the pictures grew and grew. Thanks so much Kiddo.

Natasha, Me, Collin, Kendra and Abbie

This is my favorite picture and the one I wanted of all my kids! I love you Natasha, Collin, Kendra and my little Abbie.

Me, My mother, and Aunt Delene

The Bourne girls, Me, Noelie, Mom, Snobaybe and Cindy lou

Natasha and Aunt Delene

Noelie and her sweetheart Marlei! My girls love, love, love their cousin Marlei!

Me, Natasha and Mom

My mother and I, I love you MOM!

Mom and Natasha. I love the depth in this picture!

Snobaybe and her baby Kirby!

Natasha and Miss Marlei!

Cindy and Mom

Abbie and Grandma, (Okay not taken on mother's day but a cute picture.)

Another one not taken on Mothers day, but I love this picture of my Dad and Abbie!

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