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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts!

What did I get for Mother's day? I thought I would share!

What could this BE?

It is Little Kendra's Hand of Course!

This is a Cast Iron Pot that my mother gave me, not just for mother's day but for my birthday as well. Isn't it pretty with its porcelain finish in yellow, and white on the inside. Corn on the top with a pat of butter too! It almost looks good enough to eat, I guess I will use it to make tasty things instead. Yum, Yum.
Noelie got one too, hers is green with asparagus tied with a ribbon and a bow for the handle. It is very cute too. Mom has a red one with tomatoes carved on the lid and the leaves make the handle. I looked on QVC and the orange one is just as cute with carrots and a carrot for the handle. Not only will it make delicious food but a pretty presentation too! Thanks mom I love it.

Michael gave me some stuff I wanted from Bath and Body works, (no picture) I also have a beautiful pendant he gave me (let me buy) that I absolutely love and wear whenever I can. I know mother's day isn't about the gifts but I sure love these this year. Then I loved mother's day this year, maybe it is that I am finally feeling better and more myself these days, that the sun seem brighter. I wish all mom's could feel the way I did that day.

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