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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a picture of my sweet mother holding Abbie. It was taken the day my father had his stroke. I love my mother so very much and honor her and desire to never do anything that would bring her shame or sorrow. She has a great love for all her children and her grandchildren. I wish they all could see what I see in her. A woman generous of heart, wishing she could give more and do more than she can. I have seen her tears when she should not have needed to shed them. Thank you mom for all you have taught me and shared with me throughout my life. I have tried my best to learn from you and your wisdom and your capacity to love.
You are a treasure among women. I remember as a girl in elementary school and you came by to drop something off for me. The children all commented on how pretty my mother was, and you know what I agree. I have a beautiful mother, not just on the outside but on the inside. You are a treasure among women.

My dearest mother-in-law, thank you for raising such a fine man as my dearest Michael. He is what he is because of your loving and wise influence in his life as a boy, and continuing throughout his adult life. He honors you and loves you deeply. You taught him faith in God, and how to love those around him. You instilled in him the value of hard work and compassion in others that he caries on this day in a job many would not wish to have.
You taught him to give of his heart and his service to God. He honors you!
Thank you for your service on your mission. I am sure those you have assisted appreciate you and your love for what you are doing. Family History is a wonderful thing and I so admire you for you dedication and joy in this manner to serve the God we love.
I also admire the love you have for your children and grandchildren. We are who we are because of your influence on our lives. Thank you for the endless hours of prayers on our behalf. I know you love us because of your faith!

I also want to say Thank-you to our Grandmothers. Both of mine have died. I remember my mother's mother well, and we all miss her sweet spirit but I know she lives on and is cheerfully doing all that is asked of her. She was a sweet lady that was always singing and found joy in simple things. The quail in her yard, her stamp collection, her family! My father's mother I am just learning more about her. What a marvelous woman she is, I know my father is who he is because of the influence of his parents.

Michael's grandmothers are both still living this day. They both are aging, and we have no idea how long either of them will be with us. His maternal grandmother is a sweet lady, a school teacher and a widow for many, many years. She is an example of strength and fortitude in going on through life in the midst of many trials and sorrows. His paternal grandmother has been a widow for several years now. She is an example of a farmer's wife. Practical, thrifty, hardworking, and strong in spirit. I love them both.

I hope over the years I can teach my children that their grandparents are to be honored and respected. I hope to teach them that their grandparents have much to give, and not just in the monetary value of things. That their words are filled with wisdom and experience and we can learn from them and by doing so we can honor their names. Grandparents are a treasure to never be taken for granted.

I love you my mother's!

Happy Mother's Day.

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