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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Various Pictures of the past few weeks.

I took this shot as we were driving home from Provo. Unfortunately it is not as good as I hoped. The mountains in the West seemed as if they stood up off the ground. Between the sunset and the cloud position it was beautiful.

A rare picture of yours truely.

My Michael Laughing with Abbie!

More of Michael.

Abbie didn't want me to take her picture but I managed a few.

Eating Apples and carmel, one in each hand.

Abbie was asleep before we left, you can still see the marks on her face.

No Problem getting Kendra to Smile!

The girl knows what a camera is used for!

Natasha had a concert, this was the only decent photo I got. I still need to learn how to take better picture, I have never been good at it. We enjoyed the concert very much! I would rather listen to the full orchestra over the chamber group.

Kendra and Abbie in Bunny ears!

Sisters! Sister, never were there such devoted sisters!

The girls have been interesting in spelling lately. Natasha was watching Akeelah and the Bee and they pulled all the letters off our door and were trying to spell words. Maybe you can tell what words they made?

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