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Monday, April 20, 2009

Natasha got her wish!

Natasha, my darling oldest daughter, has never been much of a reader. When she does read she usually enjoys her books, but it was hard for me to find things that would interest her. A couple of years ago she heard about Traci Hunter Abramson, an LDS author that wrote 3 books about a swimmer that is put in protective custody after witnessing a murder. She asked for those books for Christmas, and as a mom that likes to read who am I to refuse a request for novels?

She gobbled them up, read them all like it was me reading! Since then she has gotten every book published and Saturday she got to meet the Author! She was so excited to go to a book signing, and we were the first at the door. Natasha with her stacks of books in arm, handed them to her to sign. When she saw her name Traci said, "I know you, your the swimmer!" We had contact with her through good reads. I can tell you this made Natasha's day. Thanks Traci for writing books my daughter loves and recognizing who she was when you saw her name.

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