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Friday, April 17, 2009

Grandma Wendel's 90th Birthday Party

Last Saturday, April 11, 2009, we celebrated Michael's Grandmother's 90th birthday. What a day it was. Many family and friends gathered around her to wish her a Happy Birthday and lots of love and admiration for her years as a mother, grandmother, sister, Aunt, and her hours and hours teaching and serving in the church. She is sweet lady with lots of love and much we can all learn from. I apologize for those of you with slower download speeds but I wanted to include as many pictures as I could from the event. A big thanks to my SIL Kimberly who helped me gather some of the pictures since my camera died before I could get pictures of those I wanted.

Grandma Wendel and Natasha

Family Picture taken on Easter morning. Collin,
Natasha, Tanya, Michael, Kendra and Abbie.

Kendra, my sweet little girl
(Given to me by Kimberly)

Michael's brother Kim, Michaels' mother and his Father
(Given to me by Kimberly)

Micheal's mother and my SIL Kimberly(given to me by Kimberly)

Kim, Grandma and Kimberly(given to me by Kimberly)

Nephew Nathaniel (given to me by Kimberly)

Niece Grace (Given to me by Kimberly)

Kendra and Grace (given to me by Kimberly)

Nephew Alex (given to me by Kimberly)

Abbie and her Daddy (given to me by Kimberly)

Michael's sister Karen and my hubby of course (Sorry Karen I really did look for a better picture!)

Collin with Aunt Cindy (not to be confused with my sister. )

Align Right

Uncle Roy

Michael with his cousin Melanie

Michael's Dad

Michael's mom and Aunt Bonnie

BIL Kent, Uncle David and Uncle Tom

Michael with his Aunt Joy

My handsome Son Collin!!!!!!!

Abbie and Kendra

Align Center

Natasha with Grandma Wendel

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