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Friday, April 24, 2009

Diet Rant of the day!

I had on the local Fox news last night. Don't ask me why, I usually hate the way they do the news, and normally I shut it off before I'm 10 minutes into the broadcast. Last night was no exception other than I was too lazy to get up and push a button.

They had a report on fast food eating and weight gain. For the most part I didn't have a problem with the idea that we eat too much fast food in this country, but once again it was a calorie, is a calorie is a calorie. Somehow we have got to get nutrition experts to realize that all calories are not created equal, it is only in a scientific laboratory that this is the case. In the body chemistry is much different. The body uses fats and protiens for much more than energy expenditure, it is used for replacing damaged tissue, cells, muscle, creating hormones, all the necessary functions in the body. The only thing that causes fat storage is insulin, and the only thing that releases insulin is Glucose and the glucose is primarily obtained from carbohydrates. That means for someone like me, I can't count calories, doesn't work. I have got to, and I must limit my carbohydrate intake to keep insulin undercontrol and allow my body to actually use the fat I have stored in my body. Even exercise doesn't do it for me, although it helps dramatically with limiting my intake of carbohydrates.

Fat is not the enemy in diet. I feel so much better when I consume good fats it is amazing. My body actually can produce the hormones I need when I have it. I may be obese, but I sure feel much better eating this way.

I know many do not agree with me, but ask anyone that is obese, because trust me, nearly all of us have tried every diet you can think of that we could possibly afford to do. Counting calories does not work. Been there done that and all I ended up with was feeling sick all the time, loosing hair, brittle nails, and gaining more weight than I was when I didn't count calories. I vowed from then on I would never do a count calorie, High carb low fat/protein diet again. I have spent the past 3 1/2 + years trying to beat my cravings after having these two sweet girls. I'm finally at a point where for the most part I have cravings I can control, and even the days that they are so strong I think it will break me I manage to get through it. I'm so much better it is night and day. Thanks to Noelie that set me on the right path years ago, here's hoping that I can loose what I did before and then some and actually feel part of the human race again.

(the one part of the report I liked was at the very end, the reporter had a burrito and took off the tortilla, claiming it saved 200 calories, the more important thing wasnt' the 200 calories but the grams of unrefined carbohydrate that would trigger insulin and fat storage!)

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