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Monday, March 02, 2009

Who Really Cares

I love BYU TV, I really do! It was something I missed when we discontinued our satelite dish and went back free tv. When we got our converter box, I was delighted, not just BYU TV, but 4 BYU TV stations!

I had it on yesterday because I like to watch devotionals and other spiritual offerings on Sundays. One that I watched was a forum address by a man named Arthur C. Brooks. He is an economic specialist and very, very interesting. I plan on buying his book, Who Really Cares and his new one Gross National Happiness.

He was very, very interesting.

He had 4 myths about charitable giving that I thought were worthy of mention.

Myth #1

Charitable giving makes us poorer

Myth #2
people are too selfish to give, when in reality our natures are to be unselfish.

Myth #3

Charitable giving is a luxury

Myth #4
Our nation's government can afford to take over the charitable giving in this country and instead of using private charitable organizations.

He also talked about that it is not just "monetary" charity that has an effect on income, but also other forms of charitable service, community service, giving blood, serving in churches and other such activities.

He Does have podcasts on his site, so it might give you a taste of what I listened to yesterday.

So go here to listen to Arthur C. Brooks. He definetly debunks the idea that socialism is the cure to our Country and defines who is happy, and why we are happy!

Here is to charitable giving, I definetly feel more inspired to follow those inner promptings to serve and help when they come.

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