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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ward Conference

I very much enjoyed ward conference today. Bishop Rupp's message went along perfectly with my lesson. He used as the basis of his talk one given by Elder Holland, Called "Lot's Wife".
In his message he encouraged us as a ward to be more kind, more compassionate, to look for the good in people. He is encouraging us to forget fault finding, gossip, complaining, and casting judgement on others. He wants us to look forward, to bring more light into our life by striving to be more Christ like and charitable with others.

In the end he has issued a challenge to the ward, for 10 days we are to strive to only speak of good of others, to look for the good in those we have trouble understanding, and act in a manner to bring more light to our life. I think this is a good challenge, and I plan my best to strive to take it.

I understand very well the on slaught that Satan can bring to relationships. It has been something I have been aware of from the time I have been a small girl. I hope that by doing this I will develop a great spiritual gift and understanding of those around me. That I may strive to love others the way God loves us.

As I said, it was a perfect talk for my lesson today on living in Peace and Harmony with our neighbors. Joseph Smith was a prime example following the Saviour as a Peacemaker and striving to live peaceably with his neighbors.

We all wish that, and want that. I am ready for some light, and love and to share light and love with those around me. My question is this, even if you are not a member of my ward, are you willing to accept such a challenge, and how do you plan to implement it if you plan to do so?

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