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Monday, March 09, 2009

Saturday fun!!!

Saturday was a busy day around the house. We decided to invite my parents and Noelie and her husband over for dinner Saturday. We spent the day cleaning, and scrubbing, and getting a bit of headway on some of the spring cleaning. After the week of cleaning out my fridge, and working on a couple of other areas, it was nice to get spots that haven't been touched for awhile clean. My house still needs lots of work from my 4 1/2 to 5 years of pretty much ignoring it except for when cleaning was really needed. I need to figure out what to get to clean my cupboard doors because they are driving me crazy and nothing I use seems to work easily.

Still I have managed to clean a fridge, pantry, Michael worked on the interior of the Stove, and my window box. I have a hard time doing that one because I'm so short that even with my stool or small step ladder I can't reach the back part close to the window to clean it properly, without leaning on the edge of the sink.

For dinner, my dad brought yummy ribs, we grilled up some lean pork loin, I made cream of asparagus soup from scratch, and a simple salad. Noelie brought her oopsie rolls, (a low carb flat like bread made with eggs and cream cheese.) and a corn casserole that her husband likes. I was afraid to try that because my cravings are still not completely in control but I am able to not give into them. I am afraid if I try something really carby I will be back to wanting sugar and all kinds of stuff I can't and should not eat. Not good for me, nope, nope.

The little girls were making everyone laugh with how much they were talking and gabbing, and entertaining us. We played a few rounds of memory with them, getting grandma to play and Uncle Randy as well. Unfortunately Grandpa was trying to teach them to Cheat! What a tease he is.

My dad said I was looking good, and acting more like myself. I sure hope so, because I still am an emotional wreck inside, trying to find the right words to say, but getting no where in the process. At least that is how it feels to me.

I am so glad that I have a spouse that is willing to work with me, laugh with me, have fun with me, and understands that marriage is a two way commitment. Sometimes I think it would be so easy for him to give up on me, but instead he reminds me that it is depression talking, or gives me a hug and lets me cry it out. He doesn't think any worse of me with my faults, he encourages me to be my best. I am also glad that I have kids that forgive me for my temper and my out of sort moods. Trust me I have them more often than not. They are great kids and I love them all, from the oldest to the littlest. It is hard for me to imagine that Natasha turns 19 in a month. (Less, she is counting down the days.) I'm glad that I have them in my life, they are a great blessing to me.

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