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Sunday, March 15, 2009

New spring, New start

Kendra and Abbie aren't they Pretty!

Kendra has been liking just "1" clip in her hair so she gets a BIG flower.

Abbie got a present from her Primary teacher to celebrate going to our new building. She carried it around all Saturday evening; "I love my present", she would say over, and over, and over.

Look at the love in her eyes for her present!

Sweet Kendra, I sure love her.

More of Kendra, this time checking out Abbie's present.

Abbie, you want me to what? Why? Smile? How come?
Abbie also likes to have two ponytails, so she gets two pretty little flowers for her hair.

A silly but cute picture of my Kendra.

The two girls together.
I was sure glad to get all those shots because the battery died right as I finished! Whew!

Today we attended meetings in our new church building just around the corner from our house and down the street a very short way. You could say it is the walk of going by about 4 house lengths in total and crossing a street! It is so nice, we are spoiled in Utah being so close to our church buildings and this is the most spoiled I think I have ever been!

We dressed up the girls in their new spring dresses with pretty little flowers in their hair. Thanks to their Grandma B. for the dresses, she manages to find the pretties clothes and at the best price for my girls. They look like little princesses all dressed up in the finery!

It was a good sunday with an excellent talk on Pride, and how we can all have pride. Earlier this morning I heard a comment that Pride is the universal sin, we all can have it no matter what. Something to ponder and think about more in my daily attitudes and thoughts, and try to garner more humility.

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