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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Natasha's Concert

Natasha had a concert last night a UVU. I thought it was going to be a short one because when ever I asked what they were playing she would only mention 2 or 3 peices. It turned out to be the UVU Soloist concert, and I am grateful the little girls were troopers throughout the concert!
Like I did for Collin's concert I forgot to put my card back in my camera, so no pictures to share. :(

I will give you my opinions of the peices performed and how I liked it.

Toy Shop- Written by a studen, Kristina Austin. Modern in sound and dissonance. I didn't care for it much as many of the rhythms seemed off, and it seemed as if the orchestra was struggling to keep time. The percussion was the most interesting part of the composition. Perhaps with some more work, and fine tuning of the rythmn it might could really be a work of some interest.

Kesh Jig, by Oystein Baadsvik, Brenden McQuay, on the Tuba. I very fun and delightful peice of music. It is not often you hear a tuba solo, and even rarer to hear one with the degree of liveliness, speed and skill! Well done on the solo part, the orchestra could use a bit more work as they sounded a bit shakey.

Betthoven's 5th symphony, 1st and 4th movement. Beethoven is always fun to listen to and the orchestra did a very good job on the first movement. The 4th movement could use some more work, particularly with some of the woodwind entrances, and the strings in one spot where they are carrying the bulk of the music. Otherwise, well done on a very difficult movement.

Violin concerto #1 in G minor, op 26 by Max Bruch. Talia Wilson Violin. This is one of my most favorite works and the soloist was wonderful! The orchestra could use a bit more work in the interpretation, and the winds, particualrly flutes and french horn need to fix their entrances that are often off pitch and they have to adjust to get to the right note, or intonation. The orchestra also needed to work a bit on some of the passion of the peice, more dynamics, and attack of in the peak of the peice. If you have never heard this violin concert it is one worth getting!

Je veux vivre By Charles Gounod, Abby Staples, Soprano. This was probably my favorite of the night. This young lady has a voice of an angel. She is a lyric soprano so her voice is light, and not heavy. She sang this peice with agility and skill that was very, very well done. I was so enraptured by her, I don't even remember how the orchestra sounded!

O Mio Babbino Caro, By Giacomo Puccini, Katie Angerbauer, Soprano. This again was other well done solo. She is also lyric, but not as light as the previous vocal. Still that could have been because this is a peice of music that is more like a lullaby. I enjoyed it very much, and she did a beautiful job showing much control with her voice.

If I Can't Love Her, From Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken, Kris Norton, Bass. This is my biggest complaint of the night, and it was a problem with all the vocal parts except Abby Stapels, they were hard to hear. They either needed to stand closer to the mikes or the orchestra needed to tone down just a bit. Although I could hear his voice and quaility well, I could not understand the words he was singing. It was a shame, because he seemed to sing with passion and intent, and performed according to the mood of the song. The orchestra sounded wonderful in this peice.

Non Piu andrai, by W.A. Mozart, Carl Wayman, Bass. Again it was difficult to hear him, but he seemed to be a wonderful bass, and I wouldn't mind hearing him in an opera with either of the other vocalists, as long as they fix the problem with the sound. The orchestra played well and it was a very delightful song to listend to, lively, quick, and fun.

So again, the biggest disappointment was in the sound of the vocal soloists. They really need to work to make sure the mikes are picking up the voices or have them stand a bit closer to the microphone set up. That was the biggest dissapointment of the night.

Otherwise it was an enjoyable concert, and I look forward to the next one.

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