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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Try to Argue With a Three Year-Old!

Michael and I needed to go get the van from a park-n-ride lot today. I let Natasha drive it after she told me she would be home around 2. She then told her dad she wouldn't be coming home until late and her boyfriend would bring her home. So we load up the girls in the car and venture out to bring the van home.

On our way back, I had to stop at a light while Michael was able to go on the freeway. The girls were getting all upset, that we weren't following daddy. "Go faster", "Where's daddy?" They would say. I told them he was at home before he needed to go to the other job.

When we get home.... This is the conversation between Abbie and Michael.

"You were going too fast Dad!"
"No, you are wrong, I wasn't going too fast, but I respect your opinion"
Michael just laughed,
"Just try to argue with a Three-Year-Old!"

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