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Friday, March 13, 2009

I am an addict, I admit it!

I have been reading, (slowly) my grandmother's personal history. I never knew this woman so I am learning so much from her! Someday I will write more about that but right now this is not the topic at hand.

I have discovered that alcoholism is in my family. My Grandmother's father, and his father were both alcoholics, something I never knew. For, many, many years I have had this inner voice tell me that if I ever drank alcohol I would become an alcoholic. Not only has my religious beliefs kept me from the stuff, but this inner warning inside. I am beginning to believe even more that it is possible for addictions to be part of our genetics as well as our environment.

I'm addict. What is my drug you may ask? It is carbohydrates, sugars, anything pretty much that can have an effect on my body. I have known that for years, from the time I first started to low carb, but I have been even more aware of it in the past few weeks. Luckily for me the side effects of coming of carbs are more pleasant than that of an alcoholic. Sure irritability can be there, but hey I'm irritable on carbs, and irritable when I'm on the computer too much.

There have been some great side effects I have noticed the past 3 1/2 weeks as I have managed to eliminate most every carb from my diet, but Green vegetables, and other non starchy veggies, they are
1. feeling more like myself than I have in ages
2. weight loss, (as of today I have lost 10 pounds, most of that in the past 2 weeks, as the first week nothing budged at all)
3. less pain
4. less IBS
5. NO HEARTBURN!!!!!!!!! that has really plagued me lately
6. a bit better sleep
7. a greater ability to find energy and motivation. I can pretty much say, my fatigue now is related to lack of exercise and being very out of shape. I have plans to work on that very, very soon.
8. I'm happier, and give my kids more hugs, more compliments, and hopefully I'm not so volatile.
9. I'm starting to want to socialize with people again, not just hide in a corner
10. I feel much better in the evenings rather than being sick all the time.

Improvements I say, and good ones. Yes I am an addict, I know it. How, I eat just a little of hidden sugar, eat a few nuts, and my cravings go up. My brain says I want the stuff, but now I can shut it off or find something to ease it. Water, sunflower seeds, or just plain self talk. I don't' want it and I don't need it thank you very much!

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