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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girls afternoon out!

I was to meet a good friend today for lunch but illness in the house postponed the endeavor. She had invited another friend to come with, and since I never heard back if she would be there or not, Kendra, Abbie and I all bundled up in the cold and drove to the Olive Garden just in case. We waited for a few minutes and when the little ones started to run around I had them seat us.
The friend never showed up, but I sure had fun with my girls.
They were as good as gold, and charmed many people with their sweet spirits.

Kendra was calling Abbie her best friend, and then she said.

"I'm so glad Noah is my best friend, I sure love my cousin."

She made me smile, and really made my day.

I love all my children so much I can't express what they mean to me. Time goes by much to fast!

Here are some other cute sayings from the girls lately.

Abbie, in her cute lovey voice to our dog,

"Oh, pouchy, pouchy, pouchy," while she give him a big hug.

"Natasha is a girl, Kendra is a girl, Mom is a gyser." I know what a gyser is but how does she relate to me being one. Maybe because I cry nearly every day? Now she does say I'm a woman, but I really want to know what a gyser is to a 3 year old?

Kendra conversation with dad.

"Dad you could be a mom."
Michael says, "No I can't"

She says "sure you can, just grow more hair."

I thought, hummm, he would have to grow more than that......and other things I will not repeat here. :)

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