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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Michael had to make cookies for a meeting at work yesterday. I shouldn't say "had too", it was his turn to supply the treats for the meeting so he decided to make our favorite chocolate chip cookies. Talk about a struggle. I have been doing well at low carbing, and having cookies around is a danger zone pure and simple. I didn't even dare touch a cookie to give to the girls because I am so afraid that I would give in and eat one. I will be so glad when the really hard cravings are gone. It is soooo hard to say no, between the cookies, icecream, and other treats in the house that are calling my name I am really struggling.
I feel so much better eating this way, but it is so hard to give up the things that taste yummy that are not good for me at all.

Anyway, back to the cookies, yesterday morning he left the container full of cookies here at home, and after another trip to the dentist, he came home to get them.

Abbie in her excitement said, "Daddy, let me tell you something", without a pause in her sentance, "You forgot your cookies!"

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