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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Dad says!

My Dad informed me today, that I need to write the cute things the girls say everyday. I know it is hard for me to write often about my kids, but I am striving to be better about it.

So here are two stories I am copying from the Sisters Bourne Identity.


Wrylie is a boy, Collin is a Boy, Daddy is a

I told Michael that I need to run to Wallmart on Saturday to get some more nylons as the last pair I had, was wearing out and had a hole in it would not last longer.

Collin said,"Don't all CD's have holes in them?"

(if you don't know The Nylons are a musical group)

It gave us a good laugh.

My Dad later said, that we should have told Collin that all socks have a hole in them! That's Grandpa sticking up for his Grandson.

(picture is one of Abbie I took a couple of days ago.)

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